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Our Story

Leader of the Pack grew out the passion Mary and Ray have for all things dogs and a few lucky breaks along the way.  Mary and Ray met when they both were working for the Sun Prairie Police Department.  A marriage and a daughter led to Mary leaving the police department to pursue her passion for dogs and a more stable work schedule at a local veterinary clinic.  At the local veterinary clinic Mary was able to learn about running a boarding facility as the clinic's kennel manager.  Mary oversaw the day to day operation of the kennel and supervised a staff of kennel assistants.  After a few years of working as the kennel manager Mary had an urge to open her own facility that included a dog daycare.  Mary felt that the demand for quality dog daycare and boarding was not being met in the Sun Prairie area.  With the help of the staff at the City of Sun Prairie, Mary and Ray were able to find the perfect spot for their dog daycare.  The facility featured a huge area for an outdoor play yard and tons of indoor room for multiple indoor play areas. After lots of hard work Leader of the Pack Doggie Daycare opened in August of 2016.  It has been quite the journey, but Mary and Ray have loved every step.  We hope you will stop in to see why we feel we are the Leader of the Pack.

Meet the Team

Our staff is our most important resource to provide exceptional care and service to the pups. Our staff has a wide range of experiences and backgrounds to provide your pup with the exceptional care they deserve. Here is the group of people we are fortunate enough to work with everyday.


Leader of the Pack

Mary lives in Sun Prairie with her husband, Ray, and daughter, Emma. Mary is the proud owner of two furry babies, Gil a black lab mix and Breck a German Shepherd. Prior to starting Leader of the Pack Doggie Daycare, Mary ran the kennels at a local veterinarian for almost three years and was a Sun Prairie Police Officer before that. Mary is a life long dog owner and has attended numerous dog training courses. Most recently Breck achieved her Canine Good Citizen Certification as a puppy. Mary looks forward to meeting your fur babies soon!


Husband to Mary

Ray is best known as Mary's husband. Ray splits his time working at Leader of the Pack Doggie Daycare and as a patrol sergeant for the Sun Prairie Police Department. Ray handles a lot of the behind the scenes parts of the Pack including the website, Facebook Page, and finances. Ray is a life long dog owner and loves interacting with the dogs.








We are very proud of our facility and believe that it is a major part of our success. The facility is located close to downtown Sun Prairie at 325 Linnerud Drive.The facility features three indoor play areas. The indoor areas allow us to separate the dogs into packs by size, temperament, and play style. All of the indoor play areas are heated and cooled to maximize the comfort of the pups. The largest indoor play area is about 1,700 square feet the size of a small house. This gives the dogs ample area to run no matter what the weather or season is. The facility also features a boarding area for dogs staying overnight. The kennels are tiled and feature a grate to prevent them from laying in any accidents they may have. The outside area is over 10,000 square feet of dog fun. This large area gives the pups a great place to really stretch their legs. The outside area also features multiple kiddie pools and play platforms to add to the fun.

Safety Pledge

Safety Pledge

At Leader of the Pack Doggie Daycare we are committed to providing a safe and positive environment for your dog. That is why since we started Leader of the Pack Doggie Daycare we have pledged to uphold the Off-Leash Play Pet Center Safety Pledge created by the The Dog Gurus. We proudly commit that our dog daycare program has been designed for the safety of all dogs. In taking the pledge we strive to ensure the physical safety of each dog and our goal is for every dog to go home from our center behaviorally and emotionally better than when they arrived.


As owner/manager of a pet center providing off-leash dog play, I pledge that our program has been designed for the safety of all dogs. We strive to ensure the physical safety of each dog and our goal is for every dog to go home from our center behaviorally and emotionally better than when they arrived. We value our clients and want to be a key partner in the care of their dog. In operating a safe and fun off-leash dog play program, I specifically pledge that I will:

  • Educate all staff on dog behavior and safe play management through a formal training program that includes continuing education.
  • Provide climate controlled, physical play space that meets or exceeds industry baselines for size, material safety, and security
  • Establish dog health and management procedures focused on supporting the physical and emotional health of each dog.
  • Require trained staff members to be physically present with the dogs 100% of the time when dogs are playing off-leash together.
  • Meet or exceed industry baseline staffing ratios in all dog playgroups.
  • Require benevolent leader techniques and humane, non-invasive handling of dogs that allows enforcement of appropriate group play behaviors without physical manipulation of the dogs.
  • Screen each new dog for off-leash play by introducing them individually to other dogs prior to accepting them for group play, and monitor all dog’s enjoyment of group play on a continuing basis.
  • Assign dogs to playgroups matching age, size, and playstyle to keep play safe and fun for every dog.
  • Communicate proactively, openly, and honestly with clients about all dog care concerns.
  • Ensure ongoing compliance with this pledge by maintaining regular quality control checks of all items listed.